Cryo-EM Density Maps for p97/VCP
I. Rouiller, B. DeLaBarre, A.P. May, W. I. Weis, A.T. Brunger, R.A. Milligan, and E.M. Wilson-Kubalek, Conformational Changes of the Multifunction p97 AAA ATPase during its ATPase Cycle, Nature Structural Biology, 9 , 950-957(2002).

Primary data
p97adpalfx_norm.xplor.gz (368.8 KB bytes): p97 . ADP AlFx
p97adp_norm.xplor.gz (135.9 KB bytes): p97 . ADP
p97amppnp_norm.xplor.gz (117.2 KB bytes): p97 . AMPPNP
p97apyrase_norm.xplor.gz (115.7 KB bytes): apo p97
Cryo EM density map for p97 . ADP AlFx