Exo-84 . RalA . GMPPNP complex at 2 A resolution
R. Jin, J.R. Junutula, H.T. Matern, K.E. Ervin, R.H. Scheller, and A.T. Brunger, Exo84 and Sec5 are competitive regulatory Sec6/8 effectors to the RalA GTPase, EMBO J. 24, 2064-2074 (2005).

Primary data
Exo84-R7-RalA-biol.pdb (381.9 KB bytes): Deposited coordinates (PDB ID 1ZC3)
r7a_0715.cv (6.6 MB bytes): diffraction data
reprint_supplement.pdf (100.0 KB bytes): Supplementary Material

Secondary data
Exo84-R7-RalA-biol.mtf (481.0 KB bytes): CNS mtf file
exo84-R7.pir (0.2 KB bytes): primary sequence file for Exo84
gnp.par (11.9 KB bytes): CNS parameter file for GMPPNP
gnp.top (9.1 KB bytes): CNS topology file for GMPPNP
model_stats.inp (42.8 KB bytes): CNS model statistics input file
model_stats_R7A_biol.list (28.6 KB bytes): CNS model and refinement statistics
ncs.def (11.6 KB bytes): CNS NCS definition file
ral_a.pir (0.2 KB bytes): primary sequence file for RalA
Image of the Exo84 . RalA . GMPPNP complex