Extracellular esterase domain of neurologin 1
D.Arac, A.A.Boucard, E.Ozkan, P.Strop, E.Newell, T.C.Sudhof, A.T.Brunger. Structures of Neuroligin-1 and the Neuroligin-1/Neurexin-1b complex reveal specific protein-protein and protein-Ca2+ interactions. Neuron 56, 992-1003 (2007).

Primary data
3bix-sf.cif.gz (2.9 MB bytes): deposited diffraction data (cif format)
3BIX.pdb (1.6 MB bytes): deposited coordinates (entry 3BIX)
9-2P3engin_mergeR.hkl.gz (3.2 MB bytes): diffraction data (CNS format)

Secondary data
alternate_modified.mtf (2.0 MB bytes): CNS mtf file
refine4.inp (59.9 KB bytes): CNS refinement input file