EM structure of the 20S (NSF/SNAP/SNARE) complex (focussed refinement on D1/D2 rings, class 1, at 3.9 A resolution)
The structure was determined in the presence of ATP under non-hydrolyzing conditions were determined, revealing new interactions between the N-terminal residues of SNAP-25 and the D1 pore of NSF.
K.I. White, M. Zhao, U.B. Choi, R.A. Pfuetzner, A.T. Brunger. Structural principles of SNARE complex recognition by the AAA+ protein NSF. eLife 7, e38888. 10.7554/eLife.38888 (2018).

Primary data
6mdo.pdb (3.8 MB bytes): Deposited coordinates (PDB entry 6MDO).
6mdo_emd_9102.map (46.4 MB bytes): EM map
6mdo_emd_9102_sharpened.map (46.4 MB bytes): Sharpened EM map

Secondary data
6mdo_scripts.tar.gz (68.2 KB bytes): Scripts for optimized refinement
Image of 6MDO