Highly accurate MAD structure of mannose binding protein
F. T. Burling, W. I. Weis, K. M. Flaherty, and A. T. Brunger, Direct observation of protein solvation and discrete disorder with experimental crystallographic phases, Science 271, 72-77 (1996).

Primary data
1YTT-sf.cif.gz (1.2 MB bytes): deposited diffraction data (mmCIF format)
1YTT.pdb (177.9 KB bytes): deposited coordinates (PDB ID 1YTT)

Secondary data
1YTT_mad_phase.fp (0.6 KB bytes): refined atomic form factors
1YTT_mad_phase.hkl.gz (1.1 MB bytes): MAD phase probability distributions (CNS format)
1YTT_mad_phase.inp (53.7 KB bytes): CNS MAD phasing input file for accurate computation of the phase probability distributions
1YTT_mad_phase.summary (93.7 KB bytes): MAD phasing statistics
1YTT_mbp_scale.hkl.gz (1.4 MB bytes): scaled structure factors (CNS format)
1YTT_mbp_sites.sdb (2.4 KB bytes): anomalous sites file (CNS format)
Image of of mannose binding protein