Neurexin-1 LNS2 domain (without splice insert) in complex with neurexophilin-1
We determined high-resolution structures of the complex of neurexophilin-1 and the second Laminin/Neurexin/Sex-hormone-binding globulin domain (LNS2) of neurexin-1 and examined how alternative splicing at splice site #2 (SS2) regulates the complex.
S.C.Wilson, K.I.White, Q.Zhou, R.A.Pfuetzner, U.B.Choi, T.C.Südhof, A.T.Brunger. Structures of neurexophilin–neurexin complexes reveal a regulatory mechanism of alternative splicing. EMBO J., e101603 (2019).

Primary data
6pnp-sf.cif (1.5 MB bytes): deposited diffraction data
6pnp.pdb (645.2 KB bytes): deposited coordinates (PDB ID 6pnp)
Neurexophin/neurexin complexes