Epsin1 ENTH Domain
J. Hyman, H. Chen, P. DeCamilli, P.P. DiFiore and A.T. Brunger, Epsin1 undergoes nucleocytosolic shuttling and its ENTH domain, structurally similar to Armadillo and HEAT repeats, interacts with the transcription factor PLZF, Journal Cell Biology 149, 537-545 (2000).
P. De Camilli, H. Chen, J. Hyman, E. Panepucci, A. Bateman, and A.T. Brunger, The ENTH domain, FEBS Letters, 25686, 11-18 (2002).

Primary data
1EDU.pdb (134.6 KB bytes): Deposited coordinates

Secondary data
1EDU_Table1b.pdf (13.5 KB bytes): Crystallographic statistics for the structure.
Image of the ENTH domain structure