Structure of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype A Lightchain Protease (E224Q/Y366F mutant)
M.A.Breidenbach, A.T.Brunger, Substrate recognition strategy for botulinum neurotoxin serotype A, Nature 432 925-929 (2004).

Primary data
1XTF.pdb (612 KB bytes): Deposited Coordinates
1XTF_bonta_apo.hkl (2.6 MB bytes): native diffraction data
1XTF_bonta_supplement.pdf (428.6 KB bytes): Supplementary Material (published with Nature paper)

Secondary data
1XTF_bonta_apo.def (0.8 KB bytes): CNS definition file
1XTF_bonta_apo.mtf (708.1 KB bytes): CNS mtf file
1XTF_bonta_apo.pdb (544.7 KB bytes): CNS coordinate file
1XTF_bonta_apo.pir (1.4 KB bytes): Sequence file
1XTF_bonta_apo_ncs_noloops_bb.def (11.8 KB bytes): CNS NCS definition file
1XTF_model_stats.inp (42.8 KB bytes): CNS input file for model statistics
1XTF_model_stats.list (46.8 KB bytes): model and refinement statistics
Image of structure