Structure of Tetanus Lightchain Protease
M.A. Breidenbach and A. T. Brunger, 2.3 Ã crystal structure of tetanus neurotoxin light chain, Biochemistry 44, 7450-7457 (2005).

Primary data
1Z7H.pdb (339.2 KB bytes): Deposited coordinates (PDB code 1Z7H)
1Z7H_madset2_scaled_cv.hkl.gz (919.4 KB bytes): Diffraction data (amplitudes and test set)
1Z7H_new_mad_phases.hkl.gz (1.2 MB bytes): MAD phase probability distributions

Secondary data
1Z7H_model_stats.inp (42.8 KB bytes): CNS input file for model and refinement statistics
1Z7H_model_stats.list (31.5 KB bytes): Model and refinement statistics
1Z7H_project.def (0.8 KB bytes): CNS definition file
1Z7H_sequence.pir (0.9 KB bytes): Primary sequence file
1Z7H_tent.mtf (355.2 KB bytes): CNS mtf file
1Z7H_tent.pdb (284.7 KB bytes): CNS coordinate file
Image of tetanus light chain protease (colored by B-factor)