VAP protein complexed with FFAT motif
S.E. Kaiser, J.H. Brickner, A.R. Reilein, T.D. Fenn, P. Walter, and A.T. Brunger, Structural basis of FFAT motif-mediated ER targeting, Structure 13, 1035-1045 (2005).

Primary data
1Z9O.pdb (503.6 KB bytes): deposited coordinates (1Z9O)
1Z9O_kaiser_structure_2005_supplement_low.pdf (255.4 KB bytes): Supplement to the published paper
1Z9O_native.hkl (4.6 MB bytes): native diffraction data
1Z9O_SAD.hkl (2.9 MB bytes): SAD diffraction data

Secondary data
1Z9O_sad_phase.hkl.gz (1.3 MB bytes): SAD phase probability distributions
1Z9O_sad_phase.sdb (10.7 KB bytes): SeMet sites
Image of VAP-FFAT complex