Structure of BoNT/B in complex with its protein receptor synaptotagmin II
R. Jin, A. Rummel, T. Binz, and A.T. Brunger, Botulinum neurotoxin B recognizes its protein receptor with high affinity and specificity, Nature 444, 1092-1095 (2006).

Primary data
2NM1-sf.cif (1.4 MB bytes): Deposited structure factors
2NM1.pdb (345.7 KB bytes): Deposited coordinates (2NM1)
2NM1_hcb_syt.mtf (384.8 KB bytes): CNS mtf file
2NM1_jin_nature_supplement.pdf (514.1 KB bytes): supplementary information for the Nature paper
2NM1_model_stats.inp (45 KB bytes): CNS model statistics input file
2NM1_model_stats.list (17.9 KB bytes): model statistics
image of BoNT : Syt II complex