Botulinum neurotoxin C1 (BoNT/C1) light chain protease
R. Jin, S. Sikorra, C.M. Stegmann,A. Pich, T. Binz, and A.T. Brunger, Structural and biochemical studies of botulinum neurotoxin serotype C1 light chain protease: Implications for dual substrate specificity, Biochemistry 46, 10685-10693 (2007)

Primary data
2QN0-sf.cif.gz (614.4 KB bytes): deposited diffraction data (cif format)
2QN0.pdb (356.5 KB bytes): deposited coordinates (PDB ID 2QN0) (1.1 MB bytes): diffraction data (CNS format)

Secondary data
2QN0_gene_1.mtf (372.8 KB bytes): CNS mtf file
2QN0_model_stats.inp (42.8 KB bytes): CNS model_stats input file
image of BoNT/C1 light chain protease