Rab6A - GCC185 complex
A.Schweizer Burguete, T.D.Fenn, A.T.Brunger, and S.R.Pfeffer, Rab and Arl GTPase family members cooperate in the localization of the Golgin GCC185. Cell 132, 286-298 (2008).

Primary data
3BBP_rabrbd_unique.cif (2 MB bytes): Deposited diffraction data (mmcif format)
3BBP_rcsb045324.pdb (843.3 KB bytes): deposited PDB coordinates (PDB ID 3BBP)

Secondary data
3BBP_params.phenix (1 KB bytes): phenix refinement parameters
3BBP_rabrbd_unique.mtz (898.8 KB bytes): diffraction data (mtz format)
image of the Rab6A - GCC185 complex