Botulinum neurotoxin A light chain (wildtype), crystal form C
J.C. Burnett, G. Ruthel, C.M. Stegmann, R.G. Panchal, T.L. Nguyen, A.R. Hermone, R.G. Stafford, D.J. Lane, T.A. Kenny, C.F. McGrath, P.Wipf, A.M. Stahl, J.J. Schmidt, R.Gussio, A.T. Brunger, and S. Bavari, Inhibition of metalloprotease botulinum serotype A from a pseudo-peptide binding mode to a small molecule that is active in primary neurons, J. Biol. Chem. 282, 5004-5014 (2007).

Primary data
2ISH-sf.cif.gz (3.6 MB bytes): deposited diffraction data
2ISH.pdb (594.1 KB bytes): deposited coordinates (PDB ID 2ISH)
image of BoNT/A LC